a better way to manage medication

A smart pill dispenser to organize, remember, and track prescriptions and vitamins

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Seamlessly Manage Many Medications

Our caregiver portal will allow caregivers to stay up to date with their clients and their medication, which could significantly improve the quality of care


Easily Track Your Pills

With the Pill Pal, individuals can easily manage all of their pills in one spot and receive helpful notifications about their medication, as well as helpful information on the health impacts of their adherence

Smart Medication Management

Designed with users and caregivers in mind, our currently under-development OtterMedical PillPal can help patients better manage their prescriptions and vitamins.


Our specially engineered device will allow individuals to store all of their medication in one secure location. It does all of the sorting and dispensing so there's no more need for fumbling through bottles and reading small text.


With our connected apps and reminder platorm, caregivers and users can recieve helpful notifications on when it is time to take their pills.


Built with tackling the issue of medication non-adherence in mind, caregivers and users can now track their adherence rates and reap the rewards of being healthy.

About Us

We are an innovative team of entrepreneurs, engineers, and health researchers motivated to improve the lives of at-risk individuals and to better connect them with their doctors and trusted caretakers.

Our mission is to develop a device-enabled platform to educate individuals about their own health and facilitate more proactive healthcare through improved medication management.

Medication Managment Platform

We are currently developing a user-friendly medication reminder and logging platform to help our users and their trusted caregivers painlessly manage medication and supplements over time

Daily Medication Reminders

Daily reminders can help mitigate chances of forgetting important prescriptions and vitamins

Rewards for health

Staying on track can lead to better living and rewards in daily health

Customizable Dashboard

Track progress of medication consumption over time with easy-to-read graphs and charts

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