Otter Medical Group LLC

Otter Medical Group LLC is a San Francisco Bay Area based medical supplies company founded to address the growing need for Personal Protective Equipment and other vital medical supplies in the fight against the spread of Covid-19 here in the United States.  We are a team of serial entrepreneurs working to make sure all frontline workers are protected. Like many of you, we have loved ones who have been directly affected by this virus and so we are doing all we can for both our families and yours.  Our focus is on working with State, County, and Local Governments, Healthcare Facilities, Emergency Services, and essential businesses to make sure they have adequate protections to support their local communities.

Our Values

At Otter Medical our values are linked to three key areas of our business: Quality, Integrity, and Social Good.

We believe in only working with manufacturers that provide the highest quality products available.  We ensure that all of our partners share this passion for quality.  Everything we do is with integrity and good intentions for our customers and the communities they serve.  In addition, we have a strong belief in the idea that business can be a force for positive change in this world.  Social responsibility and giving back is something that is dear to us and will always be a core component of our business.

Delivering Quality

This means that we go to great lengths to make sure the products we deliver are not only certified by well respected and required governing bodies, but also that they are well made and will hold up in the critical environments and situations they were intended for.

Operating with Integrity

Our business reflects the emphasis we place on being transparent, trustworthy, and authentic to ourselves and our customers. Integrity is a key driver and foundational pillar that defines our path forward.

Practicing Social Responsibility

We at Otter Medical believe that business can be a force for good and the most effective way to enact positive change in our society. We are committed to giving a portion of our profit, time, and product to worthy causes and the communities with needs they support.

Foundation for Success

Quality, Integrity, and Social Responsibility is at the heart of our business and the foundation for our success.  These are our guiding principles and permeate everything we do.

Our ultimate goal is to provide frontline and essential workers with the best tools available to stay safe and healthy while supporting those in their communities that rely on them the most.

“ To enable superior health outcomes for patients, providing them with access to the best medical systems available worldwide.”