Rinse-free Hand Sanitizer

Rinse-free Hand Sanitizer

High stability, strong efficacy and good sterilization; Fast volatilization with no residue;
Containing emollient with gentle touch, good smell and little irritation;
Various specifications for use in different departments;

Main Active Ingredients and Contents:
Hydrogen peroxide, content (g/l): 1.08 – 1.32; ethanol, content (v/v): 72.00% – 88.00%.
Scope of Application:
This product is applicable to sanitary hand disinfection and surgical hand disinfection.

1. This product is for external use only and must not be taken orally. Keep it out of children’s reach.
2. Keep it away from fire as it contains ethanol.
3. Keep it away from light and store it in a cool and dry place.

1.    Sanitary hand disinfection: Apply a proper amount of rinse-free disinfectant to the palm and rub it according to the requirements of the hand hygiene standards until the disinfectant completely covers the hand skin for 1 minute.
2.    Surgical hand disinfection: Wash hands, forearms and lower 1/3 of upper arm according to the requirements of hand hygiene standards, then rub appropriate amount of rinse-free disinfectant to each part of hands, forearms and lower 1/3 of upper arm for 1-3 minutes.

Dosage Form: Liquid

Category of Microorganisms:
Broad bactericidal spectrum covering intestinal pathogenic bacteria, pyogenic cocci, pathogenic yeasts and common bacteria of nosocomial infection, and inactivation of poliovirus.

Validity: 24 months

 REF  Bottle Size
 2020011  500  24 bottle/carton